“…You are just ‘making a living’… and likely contributing very little to the expected outcome… and likely will NEVER experience any significant success…”

THE VIEW: How are you viewed? What do others see when they view you…and your career setting? As others take note of your career…what EVIDENCE will they see of your … INTEGRITY, COMMITMENT, FORSIGHT, WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE, and HUMILITY…of your product…your service, and… yourself? If the EVIDENCE is not easily… and clearly visible…then you DON’T have it. […]

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“…It seems like, in real life… we find ourselves in just such a ‘predicament,’ from time-to-time. Having to choose the ‘lesser of two evils’…”

Choosing one EVIL over another evil. If you MUST choose between two evils, then choose the one you have the least experience. I know…it sounds a bit weird; but it does happen. It’s like choosing the better of “two bad candidates” for an elective office. We may be confronted with that option soon. Or, maybe […]

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“…Don’t mix business with pleasure, particularly if it involves, or includes… your employer. It will all be down-hill…”

Business before Pleasure:   PLEASURE:  This was some advice given to me by an early mentor when he discovered that I had gone to work for a particular person and company. Right in “presence of my employer,” He strongly, but smiling, advised… Don’t get personal him…. Never socialize with him (the boss)… Keep it ALL business. Believe […]

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“…The price for LEADERSHIP is, too often ….too HIGH…”

Start Early: A successful Leader can be easily recognized because he is on the job early. While many of his subordinates are still stirring around their house… their leader is already at work; planning the day, the week, and likely the year in advance. It would be his/her intent to seize every moment… of every […]

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“…The more wisdom we have… then the less patience we need…”

Which comes first….PATIENCE or… WISDOM? Another way of putting it is…which do you need first…patience, or wisdom?  Which quality is more important in day-to-day life, and which is most needed in leadership role? Patience or Wisdom? The simple answer is: Wisdom. A couple schools of thought…if you had “wisdom,” then you likely would not, even, […]

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“…Choice! Take advantage of the brains, skills, faithfulness, and the wisdom that God has given you to make the right choices…”

CHOICE: Should I do this….or that? Choice is a gift that God has given man when He made us in His Image. We began the process of “choice” at a very young age. Small babies can be very “demanding,” as small children, teens, young adults…and then us…you and me; we all make choices…daily, and throughout […]

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“… I’ve learned ‘more’ from the BIGGEST SOB’s in leadership roles, then I could ever learn from the ‘good mannered leader’….”

Leadership and Good Manners: While it is true, most top-notch leaders are an arrogant group…totally in love with the mirror. They, more often than not, think the sun rises and sets in their corner office. And, sadly, for the most part… it does. But remember, this type of leader is only, and always, temporary. They’re […]

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“…Be of sober spirit…. be on the alert Your adversary…”

ROOT-SYSTEM: ….Have you ever wondered why some trees blow down during a storm, and “others” do not. When such a tree survives…most of the time… it’s because the “root system” is so deeply embedded in the ground that it’s nearly impossible for the tree to be up-rooted. Well, the same theory applies to career building, […]

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“…Believing in ‘one’s self’ is not enough… you MUST also, believe in God… if you expect to…”

FAITH: If you lack faith in yourself, in terms of your career, a particular project,  or even, your marriage… whatever; you will fail. Likewise, if you lack faith in God, again, you will fail. You MUST believe in yourself, and believe in God, if you expect to succeed. Faith… from a “worldly view,” would be […]

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“…The FACT is, we ALL can be LEADERS. We can do this by being the ‘very best’ at what we do…”

Me? A LEADER! How dare you? What’s the big deal about being a LEADER…anyway? Is it money; ego; commitment; control; competition; personal satisfaction? Can one not find those same senses of satisfaction without being a LEADER? Sure…a very successful Salesman, for an example, can satisfy all of those same needs without ever leading anyone… EXCEPT […]

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