“…Just because we might be focusing on our personal satisfactions, is not wrong in itself. Motivation only becomes an issue when we are not honest with ourselves about why we are doing the things we do…”

MOTIVES…Good, or Bad:  What are our “real motives” for what we do?  Show me your motive and I’ll show you the odds of your success.  Are we motivated by selfishness, fear, or lust?   And in contrast… competition, challenge, or money?  Or… are we motivated by the SELF-LESS-NESS? That being…to further the cause of the corporate […]

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“…How deep is your ‘root system’…?’’

ROOT-SYSTEM: Ever wonder why some trees blow down during a storm, and “others” don’t?  Most of the time it’s because the “root system” is so deeply embedded in the ground that it’s nearly impossible for the tree to be up-rooted. Well, the same theory applies to career building, or Leadership /Management development, marriage, religious commitments, […]

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“…Correspondingly…a ‘refining moment’ might well be…when we decide to separate ourselves from the pack… by becoming a… Leader of men… instead of ‘one of many followers’… of man…”

Defining vs Refining Moments:  Very likely, you, as well as most… can tell a story about ‘your defining moment.’  For some; it will be high school, and/or, college graduation.  For others… marriage, the birth of their first child.  Even the death of a loved one could be a defining moment… especially for immediate family, and […]

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“…Do you want to be a Leader?  Is ‘it’ really worth the trouble, all the negative aspects, and the turmoil that being a Leader typically involves.  How much money is it really worth..?”

FALLEN LEADERS:  If being a successful Leader was so easy, then we would all be one.  Achieving a successful Leadership position is HARD… and harder yet… to sustain. Leadership is DEMANDING.  Leadership demands a strong sense of WISDOM.  Leadership can be very REWARDING….  And, Leadership can also be very DEVASTATING… that is… if one lets […]

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“…Our American Military… the 5 Branches of our Military Defense… has been cranking ‘great leaders’ for centuries…”

Great Leaders:  A Leader is that individual that can see silver linings in the midst of clouds of dejection, despair and defeat.  Throughout the history of the world… there have been ‘great leaders.’   Our American Military… the 5 Branches of our Military Defense… has been cranking them out for centuries. Speaking of ‘great leaders’…remember Moses… […]

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“…Simply put… there is ‘no justification’ for RUDENESS… to anyone… least of all…. God…”

INTERRUPTION:  If you interrupt someone while they’re speaking directly to you…it’s not only rude; it is also a sign of poor leadership qualities…. First things first.  To interrupt someone… is being RUDE…. Rather speaking ‘directly to you’…or if you’re a bystander… listening in….which would be even worse.  We need go no further.  If one is […]

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“…We NEED to let our governmental leaders KNOW that it is we… the CITIZENS of America… who are in CHARGE…”

“The challenge facing you, dear friends, is to increase people’s awareness of the importance of religious freedom for society; to defend that freedom against those who would take religion out of the public domain and establish secularism as America’s official faith.”   Saint John Paul II, Baltimore, Oct. 8, 1995 Something to PONDER:  When we American […]

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“…“My biggest problem is that the left part of my brain has nothing right in it. And the right side of my brain has nothing left in it…”

The BRAIN:  The Movie…made in 1969, about a millionaire businessman’s brain which is kept alive after a fatal accident, and the brain…well… communicates clues to a doctor on the trail of the killer. There have been, at least, 5 different movies called by the same name… The Brain, and… all having different plots.  It’s strange, […]

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“…I LIKED WHAT I SAW.  I was in… LOVE.  With the number one… coolest guy.  Mr. Big-Shot himself… me…!”

THE MIRROR TEST:  What do you see when you look in the mirror?  What do others see when they look, or interact, with you?  What does God see when He looks at you?  Do they see Love?  Do they see sincerity?  Integrity?  Truth?  Good example?  Commitment?  Forgiveness?  Fairness?  Security?  Compromise?  Compassion? Indulgence?  Respectfulness?  Narcissism?  Endurance?  […]

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“…Remember this… This country will NEVER return to its GREATNESS….without the RICH greasing the wheels…”

Richie RICH? We all remember the TV show from the mid 90’s.  A comedy about a little rich kid.   What is being RICH anyway?  RICH…that’s just a word.  What does it take to be RICH?  It used to be… the word “millionaire” was synonymous with being rich….and, true too … maybe 25-50 years ago. Today, […]

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