“…We don’t forget the mistakes of some, and gladly forgive those of others…”

“Don’t judge me by my past, because I don’t live there anymore.”  This phrase has been around many years, and it well describes a problem that society suffers….. We don’t forget the mistakes of some, and gladly forgive those of others.  Take Clinton, for an example. He should have been tarred and feathered and run out […]

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“…Good trumps evil. Love trumps hate. A pure heart trumps deceit…”

If we don’t have clean hands, and a pure heart, then a successful career cannot be sustained. Of course, we all know that people who cheat and lie, and otherwise are dishonorable…. Can, and do, Get ahead in life; and even achieve high office, celebrity, riches, and fame. Society, corporate, government, and Follywood are chuck-full […]

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“…all of these tubeless wonders has given us a generation of isolation that may prove to be a disaster in the making…”

Isolation may lead to deterioration.  In order to emphasize my point here…. I’m going to have to admit to something that embarrasses me.  We all know ourselves better that anyone else could possibly; accepting, maybe, our spouse.  I think best when alone.  I work best behind closed doors, without distractions.  My best ideas come in […]

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“…I didn’t run away from it…. It was more that I didn’t run to it…”

What are you interested in? What subject matter turns you on?  What books do you read? What’s your favorite pastime?   Are you focused entirely on your career?  Are you focused entirely on your family, or social events?  What was your major in school?  Do you work in the same field as your educational studies prepared […]

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“…I decided that my word was more important than the big-bucks…”

Quitting was the best thing that ever happened to me…um…or did I get fired?  The story goes like this.  I had been with this statewide distributor for 4 years; rising from Assistant Controller to Vice President of Finance & Operations.  I had exhausted all avenues for promotion, and was at the top of my salary […]

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“…We are ULTIMATELY responsible for ourselves, we cannot pass the buck….”

  Before you start moaning and groaning about your status in life….STOP!  Think for a moment… How did you get to where you are?  The government says you didn’t do it all by yourself. What?  Then who is responsible?  What “they” imply…is…that the government helped you…and me to get to where we are.  What a […]

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“…He doesn’t have trouble finding a job… just keeping one….”

He’s just a “drifter.”   What are the characteristics of a “drifter?”  The word drifter, to me, is a bit scary.  Typically, it is thought of as a person who moves from place to place, maybe even an itinerant, hobo, or bum….someone whose come from parts unknown.  Now…now that I have place “those thoughts” in your […]

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“…I want to be a “re-Pete.”

Very few of us ever achieve what we set out to do. I know that I have not.  I can’t help it….I always wanted to be GREAT.  The absolute ONLY great thing I ever did….was marry my wife.  If that were my only measure of SUCCESS, then I’m very successful.  I’ve always wanted to be […]

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“….So the last will be first, and the first will be last….”

Ever lose out on a job opportunity to another applicant that was less qualified than you? Or, better, have you ever gotten a job, yourself, paying top dollar, which you were not precisely qualified; and likely didn’t deserve?  Is there a “work-place” anywhere in the Nation that actually does this?  Sure… it happens every day….somewhere, […]

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“…That little voice you hear is not always divine, as it is possible that it could be subline in nature…meaning that satan is in the details….”

I am a strong believer in TENACITY. I don’t think in terms of giving up, or throwing the towel in on anything. It’s just not in my blood. I’m a fighter. I think I got it from my dear Mother.  She NEVER gave up on anything, or anybody.  The MAIN REASON I don’t give up, […]

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