“…I know of a fellow, just past 60, who has spent a lifetime thinking everybody is against him…”

MIA: Missing In Action: What, or who, is missing in your life? And why? Are you happy or sad; over-weight or under-weight; under employed….or no job at all; low pay or highly paid; gossiping or being gossiped about; under aged… over-the hill; low or high self-esteem; sick or well; married or divorced; have girl or […]

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“…. Calling someone… WICKED… is probably the single most terrible word for one to use, in describing someone… anyone…”

Daniel Webster vs. The Bible.   Why are you so W-I-C-K-E-D? …I was 65 years old before I ever paid close attention to this term. I am not able to share with you the exact circumstances for which the word was used, except to say that the person using it obviously was not aware of the […]

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“…Remember God LOVES you, and so does your Momma…”

Great Lesson on Stress: A young lady walked around the room with a raised glass of water while leading a seminar and explaining stress management to her audience. Everyone knew she was going to ask the ultimate question, ‘Half empty or half full?’ She fooled them all. “How heavy is this glass of water?” she […]

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“…If it ain’t fun…then….it ain’t worth the trouble…”

NO FUN – NO SHOW….a new TV show which starred the late Florence Henderson of The Brady Bunch fame. “No Fun – No Show”…has been her motto throughout her show business career; seemingly with good results. For myself….while it’s not been my motto… it’s surely something that I strive for… on a daily basis. If […]

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“…What is our ‘Worldly Legacy…vs… our Heavenly Legacy…?

God has your number. When he created you… God retired your number. You are the only one to possess your number….no other exists. No one, in the future, will EVER have your number. God has given us the opportunity to leave a certain legacy in life that will ‘match-up’ with that assigned number…you know ….the […]

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“…To give into the OFFENSE…is entrusting ‘your future’ to the whim of others…”

I Take Personal Offense to that: How easily are you offended? Have you been left out of the loop? Do your ‘co-workers’ talk about you? Do you think people treat you badly, or worst…they don’t like you? If all of this is true, then you have “given away your power.” You have the power to give into […]

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Wouldn’t you think that it would be difficult… at best… to “follow his leadership,” when you didn’t even know the guy…?”

Who’s the BOSS? Have you ever worked for a company, usually very large, and NEVER knew the “big-boss…” personally? I have, several times, and while I may have met “the Boss” on one or two occasions…. I really didn’t know him…certainly not at any kind of personal level. So… Wouldn’t you think that it would […]

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“…When competing with those who were better educated, higher in society, with… endless financial resources; i found myself at low-tide more often than not…”

Self-Esteem:   If you view yourself as having Low-Self-Esteem, then you’re in ‘real’ trouble.  Too often, if one lacks self-esteem, it will spell trouble throughout their life.  Though it would be easier to write about HIGH-SELF-ESTEEM; I choose, instead, to speak on the low-end of the spectrum.  Too many of us don’t think well of ourselves; […]

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“…Would it, then, not stand to reason that we have “value;” such that… others might want to emulate us…”

EMULATION:  You might be “the one” person that someone, who is seeking God… today. Will that person see God in you? Don’t ever under-value your importance. I’ve said this a number of times, so….here we go…again. We are made in the Image of God…. so to some degree; we are God-like.   Similar…that is. God… intended […]

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“…For some…unknown reason… we seem to bring out the worst in each other, as opposed to looking for the goodness in each other…”

Do you have “anything” at all that “everybody” would want? I’m thinking…. By golly…I do! I’ve always wanted to have something that other people wanted….I just NEVER could quite figure out what it could be…I know, though…I’ve got something in the cooker.  Listen to me on this one. Recently,  I’ve been able to close-in on […]

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