“…Martin Luther King, Jr. said…“Our lives ‘begin to end’ the day we become silent about things that matter…”

     SILENCE: We’ve all heard these terms before….Silence is Golden; or Silence is a Virtue. Most of the time, it implies a positive implication. My take is a bit different: Silence can, too often, imply an admission of guilt; a lack of courage; lack of confidence; not wanting to FACE the TRUTH; the inability to […]

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“…Anyone can be NORMAL… but, it takes someone ‘special’ to be different…”

      NORMAL people SCARE me: From my own perspective; I’ve never considered myself to be NORMAL….eh… in the NORMAL sense of the word. Most of my friends and many acquaintances, my family, relatives, and peers…view me as being abnormal. I’m pretty sure.       All this sets well with me. I want to be different. Anyone […]

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“…The ‘gift of light’ is given to all of ‘God’s children’…”

     DARKNESS:  Too often, we find ourselves in the “dark” as to what our future might be, how to achieve success, how to keep “Momma” happy, how to compete in the career process, how to recognize the real-leader from the “wanna-be’s,” how to influence our peers that we’re leadership material, and…. how to get […]

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“…I have always solicited my employees to ‘respectfully disagree’ with me…”

     DISAGREE with RESPECT: As a seasoned Owner/Manager/Leader….I have always solicited my employees to “respectfully disagree” with me. Meaning that…..”I understand what you’re suggesting, but have you considered this as an option?” Or…..”I can do it that way, but I think I can save “‘$” if we do it this way….etc.”      My “personal-rule,” is […]

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“…The COMMON DENOMINATORS are Greed, Hate, Anger, Drugs, Alcohol, and POWER. Combine them, and you have ‘satan in the flesh…’ ”

    Good Intentions: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” …says Samuel Johnson. “Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.” ― T.S. Eliot . Well… I got one of my own… “All good intentions… are not good, and never intended as such.”     There are those […]

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“… I wasn’t planning on ‘waiting’ on anyone. If there was ‘no-action,’ then I would ‘make my own action’…”

    PATIENCE:  They say that Patience is a Virtue…. I know when I started my career some 56+ years ago… I was a Fire Engine looking for a FIRE. I was “on fire.” I was all dressed up, and “ready to go.” I was going to “set the world on a tilt.” But there was […]

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“…Has it occurred to any one that the RICH also provide us with ‘an example’…?”

        Yesterday we chatted about “being rich.” Today….we’ll touch on the subject of what it would be like to “not have the RICH people.” There is this mentality of TRANSFER-of-WEALTH that the current administration is cramming down the throats of the American Tax-payer… that started back with Robin Hood….which, basically, is “taking from the rich […]

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“…Many people live in million dollar houses; but can’t raise 10-thousand in cash, even within 30 days…”

      RICH? Exactly… what is RICH? RICH… well, more and more….it’s just a word.   It used to be that the word “millionaire” was equitable to being rich….and that would be true…maybe 40-50 years ago.   But today…. RICH would be defined (by me) to be someone who can go ANYWHERE, buy ANYTHINK, at ANY-TIME… without regard […]

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“… Sure… society has provided us with “great leaders” that were TERRIBLE people; but God will handle those “rascals;” …. rest assured… God will have the last word…”

      A LEADER vs. a GOOD LEADER vs. a SUBURB LEADER vs. a BORN-LEADER: A Leader does not, always, have to be a good Manager. A leader, sometimes, is no more than an “idea man,” masquerading as a Leader. Or, he may be a good Motivator… a hustler. He could be considered a “poor manager,” […]

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“….As …John Wayne would say….’War is Hell’…….”

       REFLECTIONS on WW-II: I’ve had “war” on my mind for several days, now, and thought that I would SHARE some of my earliest memories of WAR, specifically WWII. I have many stories that I could share, none would involve actual personal service (on my part), but as a child who lived during the war. […]

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