“…But… a word of CAUTION …I’ve heard that “changing (remodeling) the kitchen” could be dangerous…as many have said…”

CHANGE: What’s the purpose to change? What is there to change, or worth changing? How to go about change. What good is change? What’s the big deal…about change? Everybody knows, or should know, that change is good. That’s why we CHANGE jobs. That’s why we date different people. That’s why we buy different cars. That’s […]

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“… If we expect to be successful leaders of commerce, industry, family, and church… then we must learn the “art of engagement…”

ENGAGE: When I was growing up… I didn’t even know what “engaging” meant. Maybe it meant “getting engaged,” …you know…to ask someone to get married. In 1958 “engage” meant just one thing.  It fit my communication needs perfectly.  Today, it means about 22 different things.  I have had to become much more smarter, in order […]

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“…She introduced me to the Senator, along with Colonel Oliver North, and a number of other dignitaries… including the “Godfather of Soul,” the infamous…. “James Brown” of all of whom… “

“Those in the rear come up front, and those in the front…go to the rear.” I can remember a teacher telling our class that very thing… using the exact same words… in about the 9th grade; emphasizing it with the spiritual implications. I’ve used phrase as a personal motto ever since. Consequently, I always seek […]

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“…Who did you want to emulate as you were growing up..?”

EMULATE… to follow, copy… to mirror. As your children grow and mature… to whom do you think they will “look up to,” first and foremost?   You? Or someone else? Who is their role model? Who do they look up to? Who do they want to be like when they grow up? We should all ask […]

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“… I’m not a law-breaker; but I am known for testing the law; mainly… because…”

Living on ‘The Edge.’ Do you live on the edge…a little controversial, maybe a bit of a non-conformist?  And risk taker?  I’m pretty sure that I have… for probably most of my life. As a young teen, I remember falling down a 100′slope,  with a very steep incline…overlooking a railroad trestle… and realizing that I was still alive…with no broken […]

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“…Excuse me, but what store am I in…Belk or Macy’s?” Her response was… “Don’t you see all the STARS?” Stars? What the heck was she talking about…?”

Guilty Conscience: Does a ‘guilty conscience’ hurt? Does ‘sin’ hurt? Does ‘taking advantage’ of others hurt? Does ‘humiliating others’ hurt?   O-U-C-H…I guess it’s not a wise thing to do, then, if it hurts? If doing any, or all, of these things is for the purpose of “hurting” someone else, then it’s entirely …incorrect; and therefor….yes, […]

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“…Plus, a another form of encouragement…could be… a RAISE in pay…”

ENCOURAGEMENT: How to get it from someone who has it? Where do they get it? How does one keep it? What does one do with it, when they have it? How does one give it away? Wouldn’t it be easier to offer encouragement to someone, then to criticize them… to build them up, then to […]

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“…I guess you’ve figured it out by now….I’m an odd ball…and I know it. Just ask my wife and kids. In fact…ask anyone…and…”

“O’hum….same ole…same ole.” You ever feel like that? I know that I have. But…I do something about it, too, sooner than later. I’ve belonged to the same Church for 61 years, but I attend church service there, only sporadically, as I go ‘here and there’… changing often, based on circumstance, events, or schedule. I get […]

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“…I recently read where a respected business consultant said that judging people is “not done” by successful leaders…”

To Judge…or not to Judge: That is the question.   It is said… do not judge unless ye be judged.   So… I guess… We shouldn’t judge people, or at least sparingly. I recently read where a respected business consultant said that judging people is “not done” by successful leaders.  For me…I say, that’s a bunch of B-U-L-L!! […]

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“…COMPETITION: It’s often very stressful…but still… I LOVE the excitement and the challenge of putting it together… as some might say…The Art of the Deal…”

COMPETITION: Simply put…outdoing, or getting the best of someone… something… event, or issue. I’m a competitor…that’s for sure. I compete with who I was in events of the past; trying to be better than I was before. I compete with what I did before… trying to achieve a higher score or rank. I compete with […]

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