“…I am guilty of wanting some of the same things that other people have…”

OBLIGATIONS… vs. ENVY:   Obligation: I promised….and I will….keep my promise…no matter the expense. Envy: I’d liked to have the same thing that you have…. And will get it…no matter the expense. Therein lies the similarity, or the common ground between the two. These are two very popular characteristics found in business today; and have totally different […]

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“…God is neither in front of us, He’s neither beside us, and He has certainly not affronted us… or insulted, us. NO to all three. God is INSIDE of us…”

A’front… affront… front: I bet you don’t come across this word used very often. Like… when’s the last time you used this word? Let’s look at a few examples. 1. He was a’front of me.   2. He was a front for me. 3. He was affront. As for #1: We were equal, side-by-side, abreast. As […]

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“…Consider how today’s ‘state of the economy and the balance of world power’ has shifted since ‘satan took over Corporate America’…”

Who “owns the world?” …. Does satan own Corporate America? Since the giants of industry have fired God…is it fair to assume, then, that Corporate America is run by satan. I was told of a large corporation who sent out a Corporate Memo, directed to its Employees, and stating that… Prayers were being banned at […]

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“…I was proudly cut the entire yard; yet we both received the same wage. Today… we call that ‘entitlement’…”

Work…Toil…and Labor… I love to work, to sweat… to see the fruits of my labor. Cutting one’s yard is one of the easiest and fastest ways of seeing immediate results of one’s labor. You’re probably not that much different…it’s a “man thing.” As youngsters; my brother and I were tasked with cutting the yard every […]

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“…Evil is everywhere. This is what happens when we allow Hollywood, and “our own government” to demote God, and canonize satan…”

Promoting Change / the Power of One:   What can just “one person” do to promote change? First, we can do just what we do every day…just by being ourselves.  Think for a moment; in what way, and when, have you been an influence on someone? And, was that influence a positive, or a negative?  We have […]

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“…Are we really… willing to live…and die… like Jesus? That’s the question…”

ADVERSITY:  This too… is a gift from God.  Often, if not…always… life’s greatest gifts are the endurance of pain and suffering.  It will come in all forms and manner. Rather it be… physical issues; health; mental; career; marital; financial; family…or spiritual; we all encounter ADVERSITY. Ecclesiastes 7:14 – In the day of prosperity be joyful, […]

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“…Wisdom does not grow on trees; it does not come in the mail; nor is it inherited. Wisdom is … simply stated… a ‘Gift from God’…”

What does Wisdom look like? Um… Wisdom is kind, gentle, gracious, loving, smiling, honest, Godly, pure, reasonable, concise, peaceful, a good listener, patient, wise, impartial, prodding, prayerful, unwavering, merciful, diligent, relentless, charitable, compassionate, respectful, and…HUMBLE. This is not “just true in the spiritual sense,” rather… it’s true as a way of life. No matter, if […]

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“…Truth or Consequences…”

Where is our sense of integrity? As a nation, our sense of integrity began its nosedive, when in 1963 we threw God out of our schools….(it seems that “Corporate America”- kicked Him out of the Board Room about the same time). Were there consequences to that decision for our educational system? Here are a just […]

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“…Most earn their way to the top…by working more hard, more honest, more dependable, more patient, and more loving…”

Why is he getting ahead, and I’m not? Have you ever wondered why Joe’s getting the promotions, and you’re not? Why Sally got a big raise, and you didn’t? Why Roscoe got the big transfer? And Jerry, how he got the “corner office.” How can Jim afford both a new house, a ski-boat, and exotic […]

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“…You’re teeth are so bucked, you could eat an apple through a picket-fence….HaHaHa…Just joking…”

“You’re as ugly as home-made sin. HaHaHa…just joking.” “You’re teeth are so bucked, you could eat an apple through a picket-fence….HaHaHa…Just joking.”   “You’re rude, crude, and ugly…HaHaHa…. Just joking.” “Yeah, I know… you’re sorry…how about the rest of your family?” Yeah… yeah…yeah….just joking. We’ve all, at one time or another…been a bit heartless. Making fun […]

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