“…Leadership roles are not Hollywood roles, that you can “step-in and step-out” of, rather… they are real life, real people, real consequences, real rewards… or real punishments…”

VALUE DECLARATION: Please… listen to me…All Responsible Leaders MUST declare their values from the very get-go. If they don’t…then, they are not, and will not, be a “good leader.” If “your leader” does not “declare his value system,” then you…are following the WRONG LEADER, and should reconsider your career path. As for your own leadership…don’t […]

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“…How are things in your life? Do you feel abandoned, disillusioned, or just “going down a dead-end street..?”

GRACE… there’s the story of a shipwreck survivor who was washed up on an uninhabited island. He prayed daily for God to rescue him. He finally built a small hut out of the driftwood, and used it for protection from the elements and for safety during the night. One evening, after being there for several months… […]

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“…It should make one pause to question….who is the Boss..?”

Staying at Our Post: 2nd Cor. 6:1-10 – Companions as we are in this work with you, we beg you, please don’t squander one bit of this marvelous life God has given us. God reminds us, I heard your call in the nick of time; The day you needed me, I was there to help. […]

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“…If we are ever to become a “good leader,” than we should know ‘no limits’…”

STRETCH-YOUR-LIMITS: If you have exceeded your limits, than simply move the limitation-line up a notch or two.   One’s limitations… and, typically, are self-imposed, and are not usually shared. Therefore, we should push ourselves to the limits; set new limits, than push again…and again. Good leaders don’t just quit being leaders…. they’re Leadership Role becomes limited, […]

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“…We are… hell-bent, and obsessed… with obesity, drugs, alcohol, sex, smoking, and, even… anger…all of which, play havoc with that precious gift…TIME…”

ENERGY vs. TIME: Which, to you, do you consider to be the more important resource? For me…give me ENERGY.   Time is not an issue for me. Time is a Gif from Our Lord God, Jesus Christ. He has allotted each of us a certain amount.   If we’re lucky…time is fixed for most of us… at […]

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“…When you left us today, you took our hearts with you; but the good news is…you took all of ours…with you…”

Friendship   Most men find friendship, But, best friends, well…they’re few. So, finding you… as a life-long friend, Like all good things in life, There with suddenness, God’s gift flew.   When you most need them, God provides you a good friend, To share life’s ups and downs, Even a drink, or two.   We […]

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“…Every ‘team-player’ should know the game-plan before the game starts…”

SECRET AGENT: Are you a “secret-agent?” Do you do your work under the shield of darkness and intrigue? Or… are you an Agent-Of-Change? What did you do today that would classify you as an Agent-Of-Change? Can you make a list… or is it hidden, secretly, only for you to see? Are Leadership skills, Plans-Of–Action…out there, […]

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“…YES…I’ve held hands with satan… on more than one occasion…”

IDLE THOUGHTS… is on top of my most “dreaded fear” list. There are some who call it …day-dreaming. Romans 2:28 – “A depraved mind, to do things which are not proper.” Day-dreaming, is at times, my best friend…because I’ve come up with some of my best ideas…while day-dreaming. At other times… it’s my worst enemy, […]

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“…I married five great girls, with no regrets….but the problem was this: they all…”

Do it until you get it …Right!   I have a dear friend…a retired College Professor …. who has been married, get this…five times. I asked him what the five former wives had in common, and he said that they were all great women. Wanting to know more… I asked …if he felt that he made […]

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“…If our Leaders are in it for the …“PRAISE” and the RECOGNITION”… then they need to get “another job…”

Do YOU really want to be a LEADER? All Leaders have the “awesome responsibility” to Lead us not astray… but rather… on the straight and narrow. Leaders should be aware that they are being watched, listened to, talked about….. but seldom praised. If our Leaders are in it for the …“PRAISE” and the RECOGNITION”… then […]

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