“…wives…sometimes…have to deal with husbands (or vice-versa) that have fallen victim to a character-flaw…”

“Man… that guy sure did a 180 on me.” We don’t hear that expression often, it seems, or at least I don’t.   But, I still see the effect of it.  Meaning…. A complete turn-around.   A complete opposite direction.   We see this in both attitude, personality, character, and sometimes, even, in spiritual matters. Typically we find […]

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“….you NEVER tell me that you LOVE me…anymore….”

Yesterday, I wrote on the word….ENCOURAGEMENT, as you may know, if you’ve been reading any of my posts lately.And, if you have not, then shame on you… :).   Anyway, you could go back and read it if you’re interested.  One of the issues that I suggested was to take a little extra time giving encouragement […]

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“…Mean what you say, and say what you mean…”

ENCOURAGEMENT? When is the last time you offered words of encouragment to anyone? Have you encouaged your wife (or husband lately? How about your children, or other family members? Do you treat you co-workers with inderference, or do you encourage them? Then your social friends…. do you encourage them? Or your Church Leader… they’re human… […]

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“…I stay away from negative people. I stay out of negative conversation….”

How does one stay POSITIVE?  How do you keep your energy level HIGH?  Is your “vibe” in HIGH GEAR?  You know…this subject can be very complicated, or like me, I can keep it in the KISS mode.  Keep it simple stupid.  I can only relate to this in the manner that I handle “staying positive.”  […]

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“…The end result is that we Americans are becoming fat(ter), lazy, un-educated, un-healthy, un-churched, political zombies, out-warred…. and we’re flirting with the Apple….”

What would you think would be one our “very-big-problems” in business, community, government, the world, our health, our marriage, and our spiritual lives…that exists today? I’ve got an idea, as to what the problem is…. See if you agree. APATHY: just plain ole’everyday lack of interest, or concern.  Life around us has changed so rapidly, […]

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“…Don’t get me wrong, now, I’m not against Ed’s, Edward’s and Eddie’s…they’re all friends of mine…”

There is one term, or name, that NO-ONE could/should associate with me.  And, that name would be …..Ed.  No sir…not me….no Ed for me.   To be an “Ed,” is to be defeated, depleted, scared, scarred, annoyed, exaggerated, delayed, debated, unresolved, isolated, exasperated, fooled, un-schooled, misjudged, liberated, emancipated … died, and killed….on and on.  But you […]

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“…Six years is long enough to “get-it-right….”

Soon…we will be going to the polls to give our support to our “chosen candidates.” BrOOKS-of-WISDOM “is not a political website.” I consider this website to be a “business-man’s” website, that offers advice on navigating his/her career path, together with, sprinkles of encouragement, love, and hope; along with a good dose of how God can […]

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“…When’s the last time you reconciled your personal checking account and checked your cash-flow against your home budget…?”

Have you ever wondered why you’re not climbing the ladder to success? Why your marriage is in trouble?  Why your kid’s grades are slipping, or they’re into some serious social issues, your wife thinks you’re drinking too much and has caught you watching porn on your company laptop. And why your job might be in […]

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“…It was like bluffing your way through a job interview, when you had no real clue as to what was going on….”

Have you ever gotten involved in something that you knew absolutely “nothing” about? Now, I’m talking about CRITICAL things, to do with work and career advancement.  Like taking a job, or promotion, into an area that is completely unfamiliar to you.  This is not un-common at the CEO level, as those guys swap jobs around […]

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“…Have you ever known anyone who achieved all they ever dreamed of, then lost it all through their own actions and choices…?”

Have your ever worked around a guy who accepts no opinion other than his own?  He doubts, or questions, all universally accepted opinions.  He lacks faith in all, except his self.  He would be considered a bonafide SKEPTIC.   Proverbs 29:9 tells us that- “If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only […]

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