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“…DNA: Nothing new. I’m still the same guy… with the same descendants… the same pedigree. Same o’me…”

Pedigree:  What’s the BIG deal about pedigrees?  We all have a ‘pedigree’ rather we like it, or not.  Rather or not we know who our parents are, or not… we still have their genes… they are our pedigree.  It seems, with the discovery of DNA, these days, everyone is becoming more aware of ‘their pedigree.’  […]

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“…Another “hot-spot” that we don’t often think about would be HELL. Hell… you say? You heard me right…..H…E-double-toothpicks…”

HOT-SPOT: What, or where… is your ‘hot spot?’  What the heck is a HOT-SPOT…?  Years back, a ‘hot-spot’ was a place where one could go, and have a good time.  For some, it was Key West… for others… Miami Beach or Ft. Lauderdale.  Here locally, it was the Library… Hi-Hat Club, or the Skyline Club.  […]

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“…The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything! Live simply, speak kindly, care deeply, love generously…”

Life… is like a Cup of Coffee ….A group of Alumni, highly established in their careers, got together to visit their old college professor.  Conversations soon turned to complaints about stress in work and life.  While offering his guests coffee, the professor went to the kitchen and returned with a large pot of coffee and […]

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“…So… don’t sit around on your hands! No more dragging your feet…!”

Adrenalin Rush… some get it…some don’t.  I am attracted to Adrenalin Rushes like a fat-hog in grease.  An Adrenaline Rush is an extremely intense feeling. Adrenaline is a natural hormone that is produced by the body and secreted throughout the body when you undergo some type of traumatic experience. Some of us, like me… get a […]

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“…If Jesus found it APPROPRIATE… to PRAY to GOD, His own Father… then I do.

PRAYER is my primary Ministry.  Prayer is a responsibility….a duty…a commitment.  I take it very SERIOUSLY.  Bible research tell us that Jesus is recorded as having PRAYED (alone) 38 different times; and then, after the Resurrection… prayed on three additional occasions. What’s the ‘big deal’ about prayer?   From my perspective… we have God (in the […]

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“…No one wants to go to a ‘marriage counselor’ who has just gone through a divorce. Take you oxygen first…. Be prepared…”

 Take your Oxygen first.  Before attempting to help others in the pursuit of their careers, and career development; be sure that you “take your oxygen first.”  That is to say…BE PREPARED.  Don’t try to put out a fire without the proper fire-fighting equipment.  Don’t try to teach someone how to ski, if you are not […]

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“…THANK each of you… who take the time to read my ‘soap-box-fixation’…”

Good Morning kind Friends, and Followers: I’ve been ‘at this daily posting routine’ for nearly 5 years. …Come this July 1st.    Every single day, I’ve sent out a message.  I try to make it interesting, and I KNOW that probably NO ONE person reads them every day…. I know… way too much information.  But here’s […]

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“…A good leader knows all about HUMILITY. A good leader is also… a SERVANT…”

Charles in Charge:  Being a BOSS is not all that hard.   You hire, you fire, withhold, give, take, suppress, handle, balance, enforce, instigate, delegate, force, govern, instill fear, and SERVE.   Anyone could be a BOSS.  It takes no special skill or training.  A CHAIN-GANG leader is a BOSS. A BOSS … doesn’t (necessarily) make a […]

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“…We voters… should be demanding congressional TERM-LIMITS… better known as: Draining the SWAMP…”

Power is an AWESOME responsibility.  Some use their POWER for good of mankind… making it their business to help others attain, and maintain their goals… serving their fellow-man unselfishly.  There are others USING their power to harm others, to line their own pockets… serving their own selfish agenda. To whatever degree that one has power […]

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“…The idea of ‘wanting to go to college,’ while a lofty goal; just having it on a LIST, doesn’t get you there…. the same with marriage, and career goals…”

I am a ‘goal-setting person.’  I keep meticulous records of what I want to do; how to do it; time frame; and the COMPLETED project.  I start with a ‘generalized goal.’  A ‘general goal’ would be, like … going to college; marry someone who thinks as I do; a certain career; living to at least […]

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