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“…Is it not possible that we might be contributing to the root cause of disrespect…”

RESPECT:  From my perspective, Respect is an ABSOLUTE.  Rather it be in terms of business, personal, social, or Spiritual aspects of life; if you lack respect for even…  one of the participants, then you likely are placing the “project/assignment” in a compromising status. I’m not suggesting that you totally avoid these types of situations… or […]

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DO NOT DELETE….”Please read.” Thank you….cjlb…3/13/15

I NEED your HELP!  Some of you may have NOTICED that for the last week, that my “daily posting” has not been in your “in-box,” as reported by some of my FAITHFUL followers.  I have had my computer guru working on the problem, and it is “seemingly” fixed.  I am aware, though, that some of […]

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“…Thank you, and God’s many Blessings, on you, and……”

By the Grace of God, I devised this website as a “SERVICE” to you, the subscriber/reader, with specific tools of understanding, geared toward the business world, and everyday life.  Its purpose is to guide you in the search for, and enhancement of, your business career, your family life, your social/play time, and your relationship with […]

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“TIDBITS-of-WISDOM…is a major commitment between God and me…”

MY COMMITMENT TO YOU:  TIDBITS-of-WISDOM is a major commitment between God and me.  I spend about 6 hours each day thinking, pondering, editing, writing, re-writing, re-editing, and then publishing this website.  My purpose, and goal, is to have a positive influence on the lives of others; co-mingling our experiences; to make their career process easier. This […]

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My purpose today is to thank each of you for your support…cjlb

Dear Subscriber:   It’s been one month ago, today, that I launched this website.  I have been on LinkedIn for some 18 months, and have developed my method of madness, and simply transferred that over to my own website…; thus giving birth to TIDBITS-of-WISDOM.  My purpose today, is to THANK each of you for your support in […]

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“….What makes me think that I’m so great?”

Well… I don’t!  But, at least, I KNOW that I’m a Creation of God and that He created me, and you, in His Image. So, that ought to get me through the front door.  But no, it probably will not, as Jesus and the Apostles were denied entry, over and over again. Even, ultimately, killed […]

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“….by way of Clarification…”

CLARIFICATION:  I was visiting with a friend this morning, (a recent subscriber to TIDBITS-of-WISDOM), and he asked, why and how did I launch my website(  I told him of attending a Bible study group 18 months earlier, and Adrian Despres (an Evangelist with Kingdom Building Ministries – (, also my friend, and Bible mentor) brought […]

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…The “purpose” of Tidbits of Wisdom is……..

THE PURPOSE OF: TIDBITS OF WISDOM I’ve never been involved in “blogging,” until now.  I guess one could refer to me as a “blogger; But frankly, it sounds a bit presumptuous to me.  I prefer the term “Writer.”  The reason I decided to do this is, about 18 months ago, I became interested in a website for […]

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