“…I feel like, for the first time, in 75 years, that I’m doing what God wants me to do….”

??????????What would you do?   My brother lived with Stage-4 Colon Cancer for 7 ½ years.   He told me, once, that if he had known that he was going to live 7 ½ years he would have done things a lot differently, then what he actually did, preceding his death.  Because… he always thought that he was living on a very short-fuse.  What would you different…if you knew exactly how long you had…..left.  Sometimes….we don’t know what we have…until it’s gone.

What if…. God came to you, and said: I want you to write a daily posting, about ME (yes, that would be GOD), on LinkedIn, and to start your own website, calling it…BrOOKS-of-WISDOM, and do all you can to “spread-my-word.”   Matthew 28:19  – Go ye there and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.”   And, I want you to do this for the next 3 ½ years (1000 postings, equating to about four, 250 page, books), and in RETURN for your following My directions…I will give you 750 followers, and 60 people for you to counsel with, and I will give you 5 saved souls, and 100 satisfied listeners….and by the way, it will consume about 35-40 hours per week, and you will find great disappointment, ridicule, and you will be “miss-understood, by thousands of others.

But…you don’t have to do this, because I gave you “free-will” when I created YOU in My Image.  It’s your choice.  And He said;   “By the way, if you do a good job, then I want to renew your contract….oh, and be sure…don’t charge anyone for your time.”   So, again….I say…what would you do?   For me, I went in to this “job” with “no instructions,” no direction, no guidance, no rules, no promises, no guarantees, and no direct communication.  It all came to me through a “process of discernment.”  And realizing that Matthew 29:19 had my name all over it.   And, I thank God EVERY-SINGLE-DAY for it.

I feel like, for the first time, in 75 years, that I’m doing what God wants me to do.  And, I will see it through…to the end.  You see, it’s not just my commitment….because I NEVER made a commitment.  I do this because I want to.  The FACT is: I get more out of my end of this endeavor…than what I would have ever thought… when I started.

I do this…not for me; but for GOD, and for YOU.  What I do is not anything unusual.  Plenty of people do far, far more, that what I do.  I wish to point out that God is asking “all of us” to do the same thing.    NO…I don’t mean for you to have a daily posted website, dedicated to “His Word.”  What I mean to say, is, that God asks each of us to “do His Will.”  And in return, He PROMISES us Life Everlasting.

We are told in Luke 12:47-48 – “And that slave who knew his master’s will and did not get ready or act in accord with his will, will receive many lashes, but the one who did not know it, and committed deeds worthy of a flogging, will receive but few. From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more.”

Are you doing God’s Will?  Are you utilizing all that you have been given?   Have you been given “much,” or have you been given “little?”   Are you doing enough, with what you have been given?


About Charles Brooks

who is originally from Miami, Fla., moved to SC, holds two degrees from the University of SC. His business background is primarily in Real Estate Development (Motels, Hotel, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Residential) and Business Consulting. He currently is Managing Director of Brooks, Baker, Lehman & Kohlhepp - Investors in Real Estate and Mining, and has other business interests under the umbrella of Brooks Properties. FULL-TIME-MINISTRY: Fully engaged in spreading the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, with an emphasis on the Business Community.


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