“……get out of Dodge!”

  MICROMANAGEMENT:  I think all leaders have a dash of micro-management in their blood.  Subordinates don’t much care for micromanagement, and I don’t blame them.  However, let’s just say that there’s a time and place for every form and type of management technique.  We can learn from the worst of managers, as well as the […]

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Ah…life is great; six Saturdays and one Sunday…..

LIFE AFTER RETIREMENT: Ah…life is great; six Saturdays and one Sunday.  Retirement is good for some, and not so good for others.  My step-father had a heart attack within 6 months of retiring at age 65.  My natural father retired from a day-to-day serious work-load, but continued to work productively everyday, and died at age […]

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……………………..Do you have a POA, or Goal?

GOALS:  Planning, general guidelines, budgeting, or plans of action; depicting what one would want to achieve in the foreseeable future.  The other extreme would be a simple “to-do” list.  No business, or individual, could function without some “Plan-Of-Action.”  Failing to do so, would ultimately lead to utter calamity. Do you have a POA, or Goal?  […]

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….I think best when I’m alone……….Solitude is my friend.

SOLITUDE:   Some have said that I am a loner.  And, I believe that I am.  I think best when alone, in a quite place of solitude; which seemingly brings out the best in me.  All of my good ideas come in a place of solitude; many times, even in the middle of the night.  Even Jesus […]

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INTERCESSORY:  A term used most often in prayer settings; meaning to intercede, or petition the Our Father God for the needs of others.  It is also often employed in a business or governmental setting.  It’s not unlike negotiating, petitioning, mediating a dispute.  Our US Secretary of State is knee-deep in such Intercessory processes.  In my own […]

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“Come now, let us REASON together, says the Lord.”

REASON:  Let’s be reasonable….this is one of my favorite phrases…It’s so encompassing.  Even God thought it was worthwhile, so He included it in the Bible.  ISAIAH 1:18 – “Come now, let us REASON together, says the Lord: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like […]

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….I said……..”be quite.”

BE QUITE:  Being told to “be quite” is nothing new…..We’re told this all through life, at one time or another.  Sometimes we listen, other times, not so well.  Suppose, though, that we did listen, and while doing so, we began to “hear” things that we never heard before.  Maybe we began to get a better sense of […]

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…..I want Justice….and I want it now! ………

JUSTICE: I want what’s fair and reasonable. I want JUSTICE want it NOW!  Good luck on that one.  One might think this a racial issue; a law and order issue; maybe an equal job or career opportunity gone awry.  All apply.  The JUSTICE issue that I address here – is one of “justice in the […]

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………SUBMISSION………Ok…I give up!

  SUBMISSION:  Ok..I give up!  I give in.  I quit.  Is this submission?  Yes… but only if you’re being tortured, beaten up, or threatened.  But, if you mean to say that you’re giving into your boss to accept a new position in a far away state; or maybe you finally are giving in to your […]

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….What stage of life are you in?…….

STAGES of LIFE:  What stage of life are you in?  Life is a process of progressions.  We start at birth, with little or no thoughts on life.  We progress to teen years with ideas of youthful freedom, songs, cheerleading, sports, and the opposite sex.  We then move on to age of majority; college, military service, […]

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