“…PLEASE….stop and smell the roses. Crossing the bar…comes all too quick… here today…. gone tomorrow…”

Image result for caricature of man "smelling the roses."Most of you of read “my gibberish” are probably in the 30-50 range, some just getting started out in their careers and family; others approaching the “middle-years,” and maybe a few…who like me… are on the “down-side.” I am speaking mainly to those in the first category, and to some in the 2nd category… and for the 3rd…well, it probably too late to get your attention.

I’ve been perusing some old pictures, mainly of my grandchildren, and my children as their parents.  And…. I’m thinking…and JUDGING…I wouldn’t have done this, or that… the way they did it. My question is; are our children “mimicking us?” Are they our image of “times-past?” Am I just looking in the mirror and seeing my own reflection (yet it looks like my own child)?

I am reminded of Luke 6:43-33 – For there is no good tree which produces bad fruit, nor, on the other hand, a bad tree which produces good fruit. “For each tree is known by its own fruit. For men do not gather figs from thorns, nor do they pick grapes from a briar bush.

What I’m getting down… is this: PLEASE….stop and smell the roses. Crossing the bar…comes all too quick… here today…. gone tomorrow. STOP! Enjoy your children… God’s most precious GIFT… yet another “made in His Image.” The next thing you know… you’ll be looking for a “first car” for your 16 year-old daughter. And, in just a few days, months, or years…. She’ll be looking for one for her daughter.

Time travels “very fast” when you’re looking backwards. Don’t get into the situation where you “wish I had done it different.” Do “it right the first time.” Seldom, if any, do we get another chance to make up for a mistake… be it business, pleasure, family, or Spiritual. Let’s “pay attention” now, while there is time to do it right. Don’t live in such a way that your memories are all BAD.

Sure….ENJOY life …that’s what God made us for… to enjoy life, and to enjoy Him. Do you take your kids to Church, and/or, Sunday school? Do you attend their school events? Do you have “family-time?” Do you have “prayer-time?” Do you “include” your children in your social life? Do you eat your meals “together?” Do you PLAY together? Is the TV set your center of ATTENTION, or the cell-phone, or what? What would your children say, at school, if they had to DESCRIBE their “life at home?” Do you know who your children’s friends are? Do their friends come to your house… or, their “friend’s house?” What are your children doing when they’re at “the mall?” Who are they with? Where was your 17 year-old …last night? What time did she come home?

Are we “planning ahead?” How are you planning for “their future;” their college (if any)? Are you adequately INSURED…how about your spouse? Do you all live in HARMONY? Are your children surrounded by “joy and happiness?” Is there LAUGHTER in your house? Do your children call your friends by their first names, or Mr. Brooks? Do they respond…”yes Sir…no Mam?” We should not hesitate to know EXACTLY what is going on in our children’s lives…and our own family life. After all… we are a FAMILY… man is not an island unto himself.

It would do well to consider Colossians 3:13-15 – Bearing with one another, and forgiving each other, whoever has a complaint against anyone; just as the Lord forgave you, so also should you. Beyond all these things put on love, which is the perfect bond of unity. Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body; and be thankful.…

I say these things, because I don’t want any of us to “be splintered,” to have regrets, or to have “un-finished” business that needs attending to NOW, and not later, when it will be too late. So, God Bless us all, extending us “His Gift of Love, Compassion, Respect, Protection and Joy,” so that we might extend these same “gifts” to all around us…… Blessings… cjlb…3/21/15.

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About Charles Brooks

who is originally from Miami, Fla., moved to SC, holds two degrees from the University of SC. His business background is primarily in Real Estate Development (Motels, Hotel, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Residential) and Business Consulting. He currently is Managing Director of Brooks, Baker, Lehman & Kohlhepp - Investors in Real Estate and Mining, and has other business interests under the umbrella of Brooks Properties. FULL-TIME-MINISTRY: Fully engaged in spreading the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, with an emphasis on the Business Community.


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