“…Sometimes, as recent years tell us, the vetting process is ‘totally ignored’…”

Image result for caricature of man being "vetted."VETTING: Are your skill-sets and accomplishments obvious? When others view your resume, or your career; what EVIDENCE will they see of your INTEGRITY, COMMITMENT, KNOWLEDGE, and ACCOMPLISHMENTS? Are all of these accolades OBVIOUS? If the “evidence” is not clearly visible, then its incidental as to rather, or not, you actually possess them. If they don’t “see it,” readily…. then you don’t have it.

It’s not often that one can “fool” the interviewing party. But, of course, it happens; particularly when the interviewing party FAILS to do the proper “vetting.” The VETTING process, which is the process of scrutinizing, inspecting, evaluating, and investigating the background of the individual being considered.   Seemingly, this process should REVEAL the correctness of the facts presented, or known, about the applying party.

Sometimes, as recent years tell us, the vetting process is “totally ignored;” even in higher responsible offices, appointments, or positions. Rules, or accepted protocol, are sometimes ignored, or “made to fit” specific parties of interest. These type of shenanigans are, or should be, totally unacceptable; and those who ignore the acceptable process…. Should not be TRUSTED.  It is my belief that you find this type of “trickery” all too often, in governmental environs… usually a “pay-off” for a political favor received in return….quid-pro-quo.

The appropriate thing to do… in ALL scenarios, would be to do what is FAIR, HONEST, APPROPRIATE, and JUSTIFIABLE; with no exceptions. This would place all concerned on a “level playing field.”

Let it be clear that God has a vetting process for those who want to become a part of His Salvation process.   His vetting process consists of one question: “Do you know my son, Jesus Christ, as your personal Savior?”   This is clarified in John 14:6 – “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

What credentials do you have that will impact your “spiritual vetting process?” Simply being a church member, a nice guy, or the occasional reading of the Bible, or your weekly donation… is, by itself, not a “free pass.”

By placing your faith in the Person of Jesus Christ, and by living for Him each, and every day.  We must root our salvation on Grace, and our walk by Faith, not by sight alone. The Bible is clear about the spiritual vetting process: 1 Samuel 16:7 – “For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”  


About Charles Brooks

who is originally from Miami, Fla., moved to SC, holds two degrees from the University of SC. His business background is primarily in Real Estate Development (Motels, Hotel, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Residential) and Business Consulting. He currently is Managing Director of Brooks, Baker, Lehman & Kohlhepp - Investors in Real Estate and Mining, and has other business interests under the umbrella of Brooks Properties. FULL-TIME-MINISTRY: Fully engaged in spreading the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, with an emphasis on the Business Community.


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