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Forgive us, Lord, as we FORGIVE others….

If we are unwilling to FORGIVE those who have TRESPASSED against us… and if we are not willing to LOVE our neighbor… as ourselves… then, we are disobeying God’s direct order… and thus; we place our SALVATION in jeopardy…. Select forgiveness is not what God is telling us. Forgiveness has ‘no boundaries.’ Forgiveness is all […]

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“…TRUE… Compassion, and Passion…transforms into ACTION, then LOVE, then PRAYER…!”

What are we doing to ‘better the world’ …in which we live?  What are we doing to develop, maintain, encourage, and sustain our careers?  What are we doing to promote, improve, encourage, nourish, and cultivate our family life?  What do we do to educate, develop, enhance, guide, engage and protect our children to be their […]

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