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“…Our current state of affairs, all around the world, attest to the unwillingness to accept, modify, adapt, and ACCLIMATE…”

ACCLIMATE: To change, modify, adjust, or accept and accommodate …that of others.  For most of us …ACCLIMATION is not an option.  We all NEED to learn how to acclimate.  Typically, we start the process of ACCLIMATION when we leave the family nest, or get married.  Then, throughout life… we have to go through the process […]

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“…Please understand… unless we are ‘at peace’ in all facets of our life…. there will be ‘no peace’ anywhere in our life…”

Peace.  What is the meaning of PEACE?  How does one obtain it?  How does one sustain it? One of my ‘daily prayers’ is this: Lord, help me be an instrument of Your PEACE, and a conduit of Your LOVE.  It would seem, only logical… that if one is not “in Christ,” meaning… having accepted Christ […]

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