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“…Wives sometimes have to deal with husbands (or vice-versa) that have fallen victim to some “character-flaw.”  This, too… is often corrected by a 180….”

Complete opposite – 180 degrees different:  “Man… that guy sure did a 180 on me.”  We don’t hear that expression very often any more.   But, I still see the effect of it.  Meaning…. A complete turn-around.   A complete change in direction. We see this in both attitude, personality, character, and sometimes, even, in spiritual matters.  […]

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“…Good leaders don’t just quit being leaders… they’re Leadership Role becomes limited, usually, because they have stopped expanding their horizons…”

STRETCHING-YOUR-LIMITS:  Have you exceeded your limits?  Have you reached your goals?  Are you being ‘s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d’ to far? Some 55 years ago, while… an accounting supervisor for a manufacturing firm… our company had certain ‘daily (or hourly) production quotas’ that had to be met, or your job would be at risk.   Some of those production workers […]

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