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“…Nothing from ‘the outside’ can defile us… ONLY that which comes from the Heart…”

What Defiles a Person The Apostle Mark tells us in Mark 7:14-23 – And He called the people to Him again and said to them, “Hear me, all of you, and understand:  There is nothing outside a person that… by going into him can defile him, but the things that come out of a person […]

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“…This should be a strong reminder that God… chose all of us… bits of nothing… to be ‘His Children’…”

All of us are familiar with the ‘Story of Christmas” – The Birth of the Christ child – Jesus.  As part of that story, we can take up where the Angels came down from Heaven and spoke to the three shepherd boys. Luke 2:8-13 – There were shepherds living out in the fields nearby. It […]

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“…Remember: If you don’t see ‘the Image of God’ in your Leader… then dismiss him…as evil!  If you get in bed with a dog…you smell like a dog…”

Building better relationships:  All too often…and unfortunately, our Leaders, over time, have had an “un-due” influence over their followers.  In that… too often, the followers see the Leaders trudging through the maze of career building obstacles… and on the way, they “step on anyone, anytime, anywhere” and do not worry about “relationships” on the way. […]

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“…I make serious effort, everyday… to reach a balance between being a “rascal of sorts” and a principled man who lives by the The Golden Rule.

NO OFFENSE INTENDED:  When the SUNSET began to settle on my career, I realized it was time to take the edge out of my personality. By that, I mean to say…. When engaging in conversation… rather it be…business, personal, or pleasure… or just issuing a basic directive… I did it such that there would be […]

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“…Care for those…who could…care-less…”

TIME: This is something that we each are allotted just so much of…..none of us know just how much. As we grow older… we began to realize (but don’t like to think about) that the “time is running out.”  Think of it in terms of a roll of toilet paper. The last part runs out […]

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“…It would do well for us… you and me… to leave a LEGACY which reflects…Godly obedience, humility, dependability, patience, focus, reliability, and faithfulness…”

Time is running out!  Times A’wasting….What are we doing to improve society, or the world in which we live?  What legacy will we leave behind?  Are we really doing our best?  Are we accepting responsibility for our actions, both as followers and leaders?  Are we prepared to accept the consequences of failure, and the thrill […]

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