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“…It’s so easy to be kind… and so hard to be unkind…”

Good FREE stuff:  Not many of us have the resources to ‘give’ very much to anyone.  We’re too busy trying to carve out a slice of life for ourselves… support our family, tend to our career, or education… or for some… just surviving.  Helping others could be ‘very difficult.’ Then, there’s church… and the minister […]

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“…When my oldest son, as a young teen, came home ‘just 5 minutes’ past his 11PM curfew… I suspended his driving privileges for 30-days…”

CHARITIBLENESS:  Just before Christmas, each year, my Bride and I go down a list of ‘Year-end-Charities,’ which… we enjoy supporting.  It’s not a big deal… just some special gifts that we enjoy making. Plus, it’s got that ‘tax-deductible’ associated element. Unfortunately … most people think of it that way.  The invisible part of all of […]

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