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“…God ‘allows’ that we have bad government, and He vows to take care of them in due time…we are still obligated to VOTE out the bad, and VOTE-IN the assumed GOOD…”

AGE DESCRIMNATION:  The ‘big joke’ in State Government is there’s “no age-discrimination.”  Yeah… gimme a break Fact:  Age Discrimination is alive and well. The Government allows “just-retired” employees to return to their jobs, after a two-week… as having not even left… thus collecting their retirement, and in most cases, SSI, and now the new salary […]

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“…We are Speechless… and our Government is CLUELESS…”

Welcome to the 21ST CENTURY: Our Phones ~ Wireless; Cooking ~ Fireless; Cars ~ Keyless; Food ~ Fatless; Tires ~ Tubeless; Dress ~ Sleeveless; Youth ~ Jobless; Leaders ~ Shameless; Relationships ~ Meaningless; Attitude ~ Careless; Wives ~ Fearless; Babies ~ Fatherless; Feelings ~ Heartless;      Education ~ Valueless; Children ~ Manner-less.  Everything is LESS […]

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