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“…Are we using our “power-of-one” to have proper influence over our children, our family, our friends, our co-workers, and society as a whole…?”

POWER-of-ONE:  Centrum Silver, a vitamin, has an TV commercial suggesting that the human eye can see the flicker of a “single-candle,” the length of 140 football fields away…..that would equate to eight miles.  Believe it or not.  Once our eyes adjust…I’m comfortable that one could see pretty well in a 300 x 300 square-foot auditorium […]

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“…Remember this, too… The POWER of ONE is just as important… rather you’re leaving a ‘bad impression… or a good one.’ We still have influence, almost always… where we least had expected…”

IMPRESSIONS?  First impressions count.  Even 2nd impressions.  Ok….all impressions count. Very often… negatives labels stick with us our entire lives.  Recently, my granddaughter told of a fellow student who brought some alcohol to school.   Twenty years from now he will be remembered for that incident.  In later life… he can become a FAMOUS brain surgeon… […]

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