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“…Do we speak with KINDNESS….With LOVE ….in PEACE? Do we ‘speak down’ to others… or do we ‘lift them’ up? Do people LISTEN when we talk? Do they come back for MORE…?”

Seemingly… according to my bride… there is a streak of “talker” in my DNA.  Personally, I deny it… but my wife and children… think different.  But… what the heck do they know?  Now… my older brother… he is a “big talker”…but he didn’t get it from me.  I don’t mean to say that “he talks […]

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“… What’s in it for me…?”

ONE MIGHT ASK: What’s in it for me?   Answer: Eternal peace, joy, and happiness with Our Lord Jesus Christ.  All He asks for in return is…. Our Love and Adoration.  The alternative: Everlasting pain in HELL.  It is our CHOICE.   Remember Jesus’ response to the ‘good thief,’ when he said:  “Jesus, remember me when […]

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“…I’m taking that ‘wasted time’… doing the bad stuff in life, and using it… to do  “good stuff.”  I’m trying to take ALL the SMARTS that I’ve collected over the last 78 years, and “share them with you…”

Getting CONTROL over BAD habits:  I can remember so distinctly…  My Mother, and we three boys (my Father had gone to California to find gold) were sitting around the evening dinner table…when my older brother was upset about something, and said the “s-word.”  My Mother, very calmly said…. “Sonny, the next time you use that […]

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“…I quit having to work sometime in 1984….”

RETIREMENT:  I recently read an article on the “internet news” about a guy in Germany who had just RETIRED from his “government job.”   He sent a message out to all his friends and co-workers, thanking them for a wonder job.  He went on to say that he had spent the last 14 years doing absolutely […]

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