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“…Good leaders don’t just quit being leaders… they’re Leadership Role becomes limited, usually, because they have stopped expanding their horizons…”

STRETCHING-YOUR-LIMITS:  Have you exceeded your limits?  Have you reached your goals?  Are you being ‘s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d’ to far? Some 55 years ago, while… an accounting supervisor for a manufacturing firm… our company had certain ‘daily (or hourly) production quotas’ that had to be met, or your job would be at risk.   Some of those production workers […]

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“…Passionate Leaders covert their passion… to Action…”

Successful leaders will project most of these attributes…especially PASSION:  1) Rejoice in one’s success …over their struggles; focusing on needs the needs of others… not their own.  2)  focus on what others do… not on what one thinks they ought to do; challenging them to do their best. 3)  Positive Leaders compliment others, being helpful, […]

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“…Get wisdom – it’s worth more than money; choose insight over income every time…”

Insults, disrespect, derogatory, envious, hateful, and malicious encounters.  That’s what happens, sometimes… too often, to people who try their best to do their best.  There are those devious people who, because, I think…ENVY…try to put the ‘stops’ on our efforts to succeed.  These types are… simply jealous, and envious   But, they are also the […]

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