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“…All too often… the grass starts getting greener on the other side… you know… the forbidden side.  The tree in the middle of the Garden….”

TOO IMPORTANT?  It gets to all of us… at one time or another.  We come to the thinking… that we’re so important that we get a tad too big for our pants.   Yeah… it’s bound to happen. Starting out… Things run smooth… life is good; the money pours in; the kids are doing well in […]

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“…For me, I intend to capitalize on every opportunity…. And, I intend to ‘glorify God’ in the process…”

Special GIFTS from Heaven:  God, through the Holy Spirit… gifts us with the ability to do ‘great things.’  Our CHOICE is to utilize theses gift… seeking opportunity wherever we can; leaving nothing to fate.  Or, we can choose to let the gift ‘die on the vine.’   Jesus explains to us in Galatians 5:22-23 – […]

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“…There will be ‘no God stuff’ at the work place.  Period.  And…so it went.  God has left the building…”

Does God belong in the WORKPLACE?  Corporate America has given God His ‘walking papers.’  God has been FIRED.  He’s been kicked out of the Board Room.  Corporate America says… we don’t NEED you…don’t WANT You. I am aware of a large insurance related company in North Carolina; one who has ALWAYS placed God high on […]

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“…I’m encouraging you…YOU… (Actually… I’m BEGGING) to do the same thing…and see if it won’t CHANGE your life…”

Dear Reader:  If you don’t read from this point on… to the end of the post… you’re going to miss out on something IMPORTANT.  You dare not miss out. Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Matthew 13:18-23. Jesus said to His disciples: “Hear then the parable of the sower. The seed sown on […]

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