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“…Sexual harassment issues have been ‘a way of life’ for centuries… and we have kept silent.  Case in point: The Jerry Sandusky Affair…”

SILENCE:  We have the right to remain silent… everything you say can be used against you.  These are some very powerful words.  Sometimes, though… we can be silent, when we ought to be vocal. Example: When we detect someone stealing from the company, and remain silent about it… when we know that certain elected officials […]

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“…While there are exceptions…I’m always leery of SILENCE…” 

SILENCE:  We’ve all heard the terms….Silence is Golden; or Silence is a Virtue. Most of which, have good implications.  My take is a bit different… Silence can, too often, imply an admission of guilt; a lack of courage… lack of confidence; avoiding the truth; the inability to make a significant decision… low self-esteem; the lack […]

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