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“…We have to be ENGAGED… with those people and events, around us.  We cannot sit about “just waiting,” we must be part of the CHANGE, by first, ‘changing ourselves’…”

Intentionality: A belief, thought, or desire that is directed towards a specific event or a state of affairs. With 2018 just ahead of us, it brings to mind that we Americans might consider just what our “intentions are” as we approach the New Year of 2018.  I’m not talking about making “New Year’s Resolutions,” rather…. […]

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“…Remember this… rather at home, at work, or in church… ‘Our success flows where our attention goes’…”

The Great… IMPOSTER:  It’s not an unusual circumstance…to find Leaders who become the biggest of imposters; no longer true to themselves, or their followers… instead, hiding behind a cloak of fakery.  Too often, they are riding the crest of their past success.  Not too unlike a ‘former famous movie star’ who is riding the waves […]

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