“…being WICKED is probably the single most terrible word for one to use, in describing another…”

Why are you so W-I-C-K-E-D?  I was 65 years old before I ever paid close attention to this term.  I am not able to share with you the exact circumstances for which the word was used, except to say that the person using it obviously was not aware of the broader meaning; as he had miss-applied it in the most illogical sense.  Ok…back to the point.  To call someone, or refer to them, as being WICKED is probably the single most terrible word for one to use, in describing another; yet, it’s a commonly used term.  Explain that! Briefly, it would be described as follows: immoral iniquitous, corrupt, nefarious, abominable, depraved, reprehensible, despicable, contemptible, vile, egregious, fiendish, vicious, murderous, black-hearted, criminal, felonious, and dastardly.  And, I left out about half of the descriptive words used to describe WICKED.  But, surely, you have the point.  So, it should not be a word used in some casual manner; but probably more likely used in a fit of anger, to describe someone you might be very mad with.  To use the word frivolously, is almost tantamount to describing oneself.  The bible says in  Mark 7:21-23 – For from within, out of the HEART of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, Thefts, covetousness, WICKEDNESS, deceit, lasciviousness, and evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness:  All these evil things come from within (the heart) and defile the man. It’s interesting to note that the words used to describe WICKEDNESS in the bible does not duplicate those used in Webster in any manner; in either event, it’s all very BAD.  With all of this said: Let me suggest another word that is far worse, more damaging, longer lasting, and the effects of which, are eternal.  The word: NON-BELIEVER. …Blessings…cjlb…3/22/14

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who is originally from Miami, Fla., moved to SC, holds two degrees from the University of SC. His business background is primarily in Real Estate Development (Motels, Hotel, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Residential) and Business Consulting. He currently is Managing Director of Brooks, Baker, Lehman & Kohlhepp - Investors in Real Estate and Mining, and has other business interests under the umbrella of Brooks Properties. FULL-TIME-MINISTRY: Fully engaged in spreading the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, with an emphasis on the Business Community.


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