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The Smile… For good, or for EVIL?

It is said that the smile is part of a ‘universal language.’ Generally meaning…. all is well… hope it’s OK with you.  Or, by Webster’s definition:  a pleased, kind, even scornful, or amused facial expression, typically with the corners of the mouth turned up and the front teeth exposed. But there are those who SMILE for […]

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“…Husbands… LOVE your wives. Wives… LOVE your husbands…”

The ‘Wicked Tongue.’ I’m thinking of the hearings regarding the Supreme Court nominee… and how appropriate this scripture might be.  Seemingly, to me, it DEFEATS all that St. Paul warns us against in his letter to the Ephesians… What do you think?  Ephesians 5:1-9 …Follow God’s example, therefore, as dearly loved children and walk in […]

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“…Behind every adversity is an OPPORTUNITY to SERVE God, and your fellow-man…”

Adversity:  We ALL are SUBJECT to enduring hardships… one kind or another… and, from time to time.  None of us is immune.  It’s akin… to death… it’s going to happen.  Adversity appears in all areas of our life.  Be it… business, social, family… or spiritual.  For me… Adversity has been in EVERY avenue of my […]

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“…Remember… satan shops at the same stores as we do…”

Consistency vs. Changeable: I know that most of us consider ourselves to be ‘open-to-change’ when, in fact….we are not.  For myself….I consider myself to be the ‘master of change.’  But, when I review ‘my own past performance’ …over time, and even recent past; I fall short of my title.  I admit… I am a ‘prime candidate’ […]

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“…If we humans could just learn to choose obedience… over defiance…. heaven over hell… Jesus over satan…”

Although the New Testament was written some 2000 years ago, its words of Advice are written in CLEAR and CONCISE terms that are just as APPROPRIATE today, as they were then. The WISDOM reflected, there, is appropriate for our day-to-day lives… rather at WORK, FAMILY, PLAY, SOCIAL, or SPIRITUAL. Ephesians 4: 25-32 – DO NOT […]

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“…This should be a strong reminder that God… chose all of us… bits of nothing… to be ‘His Children’…”

All of us are familiar with the ‘Story of Christmas” – The Birth of the Christ child – Jesus.  As part of that story, we can take up where the Angels came down from Heaven and spoke to the three shepherd boys. Luke 2:8-13 – There were shepherds living out in the fields nearby. It […]

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“…If it weren’t for all of “the Crooks” in this town (a small town in the south) this very Church would have never been erected…” 

What’s in a NAME?  What’s in ‘your’ name?  To most us… our name represents our entire reputation.  It’s the most important thing to us.   If anyone were to throw our name about in a despairing way… it would be most offensive. Several years ago, my bride and I, attended a funeral of a long-time friend, […]

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“…We have to be ENGAGED… with those people and events, around us.  We cannot sit about “just waiting,” we must be part of the CHANGE, by first, ‘changing ourselves’…”

Intentionality: A belief, thought, or desire that is directed towards a specific event or a state of affairs. With 2018 just ahead of us, it brings to mind that we Americans might consider just what our “intentions are” as we approach the New Year of 2018.  I’m not talking about making “New Year’s Resolutions,” rather…. […]

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“…Often times… we think that doing what ‘feels good’… is the same as ‘following our heart.’   And to some…. It is the same thing.  Because of man’s foolish nature…we get confused…”

FOLLOW YOUR HEART!!  We often hear the term… “Follow your heart.”  We all have done that, likely, more than we care to admit.  Let’s examine a few examples.  I have always “delayed” hiring people after the first interview… even those… for less important jobs.  Example:  I have interviewed people which… after the interview, I thought:  […]

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“…Wives sometimes have to deal with husbands (or vice-versa) that have fallen victim to some “character-flaw.”  This, too… is often corrected by a 180….”

Complete opposite – 180 degrees different:  “Man… that guy sure did a 180 on me.”  We don’t hear that expression very often any more.   But, I still see the effect of it.  Meaning…. A complete turn-around.   A complete change in direction. We see this in both attitude, personality, character, and sometimes, even, in spiritual matters.  […]

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